Welcome to Featherstone

“Why Featherstone?”  Joe asked. “Is that your hippy name?”

Well, Joe, I suppose in a way, it is.  I’ve reached a point in my life where I need to follow what the quiet voice inside has been trying to tell me for years.  I need to let go and be who I was meant to be all along.  The name Featherstone reminds me that it is possible to be grounded and still able to fly.

Inside these pages you will find poetry, photography and a few random thoughts.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

Why I Write

I write because I’m too quiet when I talk.  I write because someone once told me I could, and while I can’t sing, or paint, or make music, I can write.  I write because I have a vision – sage purple mountains dim in the twilight –  I write because Jack Kerouac wrote, “the fields were the color of love and Spanish mysteries.”  I write because I love blank pages, hardcover books and new pens.  I write to escape the everyday, acknowledge the beauty, the pain, the solitude of knowing myself.  I write to escape the noise.  I write because the curry is too hot to eat right now, and I write because I dream.  I write because every book is a treasure chest waiting to be opened.  I write because words make my soul sing.  I write to hide.  I can escape into my writing and somehow, the act of writing makes the sameness and the strangeness a little closer together.  I write as a reflection of myself, to prove my existence to myself.  I write because I live, and the act of writing is as natural and essential to my existence as food or water.  I write to release the rage and the pain, and to capture the laughter and the joy.  I write because I live.